Jake Hack

Executive Chef

Growing up, my father owned a restaurant, and it was always one of my favorite places to go. I decided at a very young age that I wanted to work with food. I love the science and experimentation process of cooking, and being able to take an idea, and not only bring it to fruition, but to create a real sensory experience. Cooking provides an outlet for my self expression, and I am always thrilled to share that with people. My hope is that people can taste the love in my cooking, and get as much enjoyment from eating it as I do from making it.  I am a people pleaser by nature, and the hospitality industry provides me with an opportunity to share my love of cooking while making people feel good. One of strongest attributes, is that I work well under pressure, and am a problem solver, which is necessary in the catering industry.  I am a natural leader.   Being inherently competitive, I have competed in many cooking tournaments, of which I have won several. My proudest moment in my profession was winning Mason Dixon Masterchef in 2015.

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