Travis Marley

Executive Pastry Chef

My passion for cooking began at a young age beside my family in the kitchen. I grew up watching classic Food Network shows like Iron Chef Japan with my father, we’d then test out what we saw together in the kitchen. I was drawn to the culinary world by a deep love of food, and a desire to learn all I could about it.  I developed a deep love of pastry during my schooling at Baltimore International College.  I love the precision and artistry of baking; to take ordinary ingredients and utilize techniques (new and old) to create something that can be enjoyed with all the senses.  While in Italy, I fell in love with the Italian ideals around food. Fresh, seasonal, local, and full of love. When food is cooked from the heart, there is no comparison to flavor. Its this principle, along with new and fresh ideas that sets me apart. Being hired as an Executive Pastry chef at the age of 22 was an honor and a dream I did not think I would achieve so early. Three years later at 25 I found myself in charge of the pastry operation for five Baltimore restaurants. The experience I gained in those years is invaluable.

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